The Store House

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2425 Mitthoeffer Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46229

The Store House Units

    SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
    5x5Climate Control49.00
    5x5Climate Control55.00
    5x10Climate Control65.00
    5x8Climate Control79.00
    5x10Drive Up79.00
    7.5x10Climate Control89.00
    7.5x10Climate Control100.00
    7.5x10Climate Control111.00
    10x10Drive Up125.00
    10x10Climate Control125.00
    10x15Drive Up143.00
    10x20Drive Up159.00
    10x15Climate Control165.00
    7.5x20Climate Control165.00
    10x20Drive Up170.00
    10x20Drive Up178.00
    10x30Drive Up179.00
    10x20Drive Up180.00
    12x30Drive Up185.00
    10x20Drive Up199.00
    10x30Drive Up200.00
    12x30Drive Up200.00
    10x25Drive Up209.00
    10x20Climate Control215.00
    10x25Drive Up215.00
    12x30Drive Up220.00
    12x30Drive Up222.00
    10x30Drive Up224.00
    10x30Drive Up225.00

    The Store House Location

    2425 Mitthoeffer Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46229