Pinnacle Storage of Socastee

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31 Leisure Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Pinnacle Storage of Socastee Units

    SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
    4x64 x 6 climate control65.00
    6x44 x 6 climate control65.00
    8x33 x 8 climate control65.00
    5x55 x 5 climate control65.00
    9x33 x 9 climate control75.00
    7x44 x 7 climate control75.00
    3x103 x 10 climate control75.00
    10x33 x 10 climate control75.00
    5x65 x 6 climate control75.00
    10x55 x 10 climate control90.00
    5x105 x 10 climate control90.00
    11x44 x 11 climate control95.00
    4x114 x 11 climate control95.00
    9x55 x 9 climate control95.00
    10x1010 x 10 non climate99.00
    12x44 x 12 climate control100.00
    10x7.57.5 x 10 climate control115.00
    10x1010 x 10 climate control125.00
    7.5x107.5 x 10 climate control127.00
    10x1510 x 15 climate control155.00
    15x1010 x 15 climate control155.00
    10x2010 x 20 non climate175.00
    10x2010 x 20 climate control230.00
    10x3010 x 30 climate control300.00
    13x4513 x 45 RV320.00
    13x5013 x 50 RV345.00

    Pinnacle Storage of Socastee Location

    31 Leisure Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588