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PO Box 583, Winona Lake, IN 46590

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x10Warsaw SR1540.00
5x10Nappanee West Self Storage40.00
5x10Atwood Self Storage40.00
5x10Winona Lake Self Storage40.00
5x10North Webster Dixie Drive40.00
5x10North Webster Next to Ace40.00
5x10Nappanee East Self Storage40.00
5x10831 W 400 N Warsaw Location40.00
5x10Pierceton Self Storage40.00
5x10Bremen Self Storage40.00
5x10South Whitley40.00
10x10Warsaw SR1565.00
10x10Atwood Self Storage65.00
10x10Albion East Self Storage65.00
10x10North Webster Dixie Drive65.00
10x10North Webster Next to Ace65.00
10x10831 W 400 N Warsaw Location65.00
10x10Bremen Self Storage65.00
10x10Nappanee East Self Storage65.00
10x10South Whitley65.00
10x15Warsaw SR1575.00
10x15Nappanee West Self Storage75.00
10x15Nappanee East Self Storage75.00
10x20Warsaw SR1589.00
10x20Nappanee West Self Storage89.00
10x20Albion Fire Station Storage89.00
10x20North Webster Next to Ace89.00
10x20Silver Lake Storage89.00
10x20831 W 400 N Warsaw Location89.00
10x20Nappanee East Self Storage89.00
10x20Downtown Location Syracuse89.00
10x20South Whitley89.00
10x25Downtown Location Syracuse105.00
10x30Rochester Madison St119.00
10x30Downtown Location Syracuse119.00

Affordable Storage Location

PO Box 583, Winona Lake, IN 46590