Packing House Self Storage

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3111 3rd Street, Riverside, CA 92507

Packing House Self Storage Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5ADA 2nd Floor59.00
5x5Indoor 2nd Floor59.00
5x5Indoor 3rd Floor59.00
5x7.5Indoor 2nd Floor62.00
5x7.5ADA 2nd Floor62.00
5x8Indoor 3rd Floor62.00
5x8ADA 2nd Floor64.00
5x8Indoor 2nd Floor64.00
10x5Indoor 3rd Floor69.00
5x5Indoor 1st Floor79.00
10x5Indoor 2nd Floor79.00
5x10Indoor 3rd Floor79.00
7.5x10Indoor 2nd Floor79.00
10x5Indoor 1st Floor89.00
10x5ADA 1st Floor89.00
5x10Indoor 2nd Floor89.00
7x10Indoor 3rd Floor89.00
7x10Indoor 2nd Floor91.00
10x7Indoor 1st Floor94.00
10x8Indoor 3rd Floor96.00
5x5ADA 1st Floor99.00
6x9.5ADA 1st Floor99.00
7.5x10ADA 1st Floor99.00
7.5x10ADA 2nd Floor99.00
7.5x10Indoor 3rd Floor99.00
10x10Indoor 3rd Floor99.00
5x15ADA 2nd Floor109.00
10x10Indoor 2nd Floor119.00
10x10ADA 1st Floor129.00
10x10Indoor 1st Floor129.00
7x18Indoor 2nd Floor129.00
10x12Indoor 1st Floor132.00
10x12Indoor 2nd Floor134.00
10x12Indoor 3rd Floor134.00
7x18Indoor 3rd Floor139.00
10x13ADA 1st Floor146.00
10x14Indoor 3rd Floor149.00
10x15Indoor 3rd Floor149.00
10x15Indoor 2nd Floor154.00
10x15Indoor 2nd Floor159.00
14x10Indoor 2nd Floor169.00
10x15Indoor 1st Floor169.00
10x15ADA 1st Floor179.00
10x18Indoor 2nd Floor189.00
10x18Indoor 3rd Floor189.00
10x18Indoor 1st Floor199.00
10x18ADA 1st Floor199.00
10x19.5Indoor 1st Floor199.00
10x20Indoor 1st Floor209.00
10x20Indoor 2nd Floor209.00
10x20Indoor 3rd Floor209.00
10x25Indoor 3rd Floor219.00
10x25ADA 3rd Floor219.00
10x20ADA 1st Floor229.00
10x20Drive Up249.00
13x20Drive Up289.00

Packing House Self Storage Location

3111 3rd Street, Riverside, CA 92507