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1205 Marshall Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601

City Self Storage, Inc Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5Upstairs Non-Temperature64.00
5x5Drive Up66.50
5x5Interior Downstairs67.50
5x5Upstairs Temperature74.00
5x10Upstairs Non-Temperature91.00
5x10Interior Downstairs97.50
5x10Upstairs Temperature106.00
5x15Upstairs Non-Temperature107.00
5x10Drive Up108.00
5x15Upstairs Temperature116.50
5x15Drive Up123.00
10x10Upstairs Non-Temperature138.00
10x15Upstairs Non-Temperature143.00
10x10Interior Downstairs144.50
10x10Upstairs Temperature151.50
10x10Drive Up155.00
10x15Interior Downstairs165.00
10x15Drive Up168.00
10x15Upstairs Temperature173.00
10x20Drive Up193.50
10x25Drive Up235.50
15x20Drive Up260.00
10x30Drive Up286.00
10x40Drive Up325.00

City Self Storage, Inc Location

1205 Marshall Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601