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1950 East Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 541-5406
[email protected]

My Storage Idaho Falls Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5Temp Controlled Smart Unit44.00
5x10Interior Smart Unit46.00
10x5Interior Smart Unit46.00
5x10Drive Up Smart Unit55.00
5x10Temp Controlled Smart Unit58.00
10x10Interior Smart Unit63.00
5x15Temp Controlled Smart Unit70.00
10x10Temp Controlled Smart Unit79.00
10x15Interior Smart Unit80.00
10x10Drive Up Smart Unit82.00
10x15Drive Up Smart Unit103.00
10x20Drive Up Smart Unit114.00
10x25Drive Up Smart Unit124.00
10x15Temp Controlled Smart Unit125.00
10x20Temp Controlled Smart Unit133.00
10x30Drive Up Smart Unit135.00
12x25Drive Up Smart Unit135.00
10x35Drive Up Smart Unit146.00
12x30Drive Up Smart Unit148.00
12x35Drive Up Smart Unit160.00
14x35Drive Up Smart Unit166.00
12x40Drive Up Smart Unit173.00
12x45Drive Up Smart Unit186.00
14x40Drive Up Smart Unit190.00
14x45Drive Up Smart Unit212.00

My Storage Idaho Falls Location

1950 East Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls, ID 83401