Superior Storage - Fond du Lac (Hoerth Storage)

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74 Halbach Ct, Fond du Lac, WI 54937

Superior Storage - Fond du Lac (Hoerth Storage) Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
8x3Inside Climate Controlled50.00
5x8Drive Up Self Storage70.00
6x8Drive Up Self Storage71.00
8x8Drive Up Self Storage79.00
8x11Drive Up Self Storage105.00
8x12Drive Up Self Storage112.00
7x8.5Inside Climate Controlled115.00
6x10Inside Climate Controlled115.00
16x8Drive Up Self Storage119.00
7x10Inside Climate Controlled120.00
6x12Inside Climate Controlled121.00
13x10Drive Up Self Storage121.00
10x14Drive Up Self Storage123.00
14x10Drive Up Self Storage123.00
8x10Inside Climate Controlled125.00
14.5x10Drive Up Self Storage127.00
8x11Inside Climate Controlled130.00
10x16Drive Up Self Storage133.00
8.5x11.5Inside Climate Controlled135.00
11x18Drive Up Self Storage135.00
10x10Inside Climate Controlled140.00
8.5x12Inside Climate Controlled143.00
10x20Drive Up Self Storage144.00
8x14Inside Climate Controlled145.00
9.5x12Inside Climate Controlled147.00
10x11.5Inside Climate Controlled148.00
11x20Drive Up Self Storage152.00
10x22Drive Up Self Storage152.00
11x22Drive Up Self Storage152.00
10x12Inside Climate Controlled154.00
10x24Drive Up Self Storage155.00
10x13Inside Climate Controlled160.00
9.5x14Inside Climate Controlled161.00
8x16Inside Climate Controlled162.00
10x14Inside Climate Controlled165.00
10x26Drive Up Self Storage166.00
11x24Drive Up Self Storage182.00
10x28Drive Up Self Storage185.00
11x25Drive Up Self Storage187.00
11x16Inside Climate Controlled195.00
11x26Drive Up Self Storage198.00
11x28Drive Up Self Storage215.00
10x20Inside Climate Controlled225.00
11x30Drive Up Self Storage235.00
12x28Drive Up Self Storage240.00
12x36Drive Up Self Storage272.00
11x32Drive Up Self Storage280.00
20x20Drive Up Self Storage293.00
10x24Inside Climate Controlled300.00
20x24Drive Up Self Storage316.00
10x27Inside Climate Controlled325.00
22x24Drive Up Self Storage343.00
13x37Drive Up Self Storage347.00
20x28Drive Up Self Storage354.00
14.5x37Drive Up Self Storage363.00
14x37Drive Up Self Storage370.00
22x28Drive Up Self Storage388.00
30x22Drive Up Self Storage422.00
24x28Drive Up Self Storage458.00
50x14Drive Up Self Storage458.00
14x48Drive Up Self Storage459.00

Superior Storage - Fond du Lac (Hoerth Storage) Location

74 Halbach Ct, Fond du Lac, WI 54937