Stash Self Storage Near Me - 39th & Steele

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3879 Adams St., Denver, CO 80205

Stash Self Storage Near Me - 39th & Steele Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
4x3Locker Climate15.00
5x3Locker Climate15.00
4x4Locker Climate15.00
4x5Locker Climate15.00
5x5Locker Climate15.00
5x5Locker Climate20.00
4x4Locker Climate25.00
5x5Locker Climate25.00
7x5Locker Climate35.00
8x5Locker Climate35.00
9x5Locker Climate35.00
5x52nd Floor Climate49.00
5x53rd Floor Climate49.00
5x41st Floor Premium/Climate59.00
5x51st Floor Premium/Climate59.00
10x41st Floor Premium/Climate59.00
5x102nd Floor Climate65.00
10x52nd Floor Climate65.00
5x103rd Floor Climate65.00
10x53rd Floor Climate65.00
5x93rd Floor Climate75.00
5x92nd Floor Climate79.00
8x92nd Floor Climate79.00
5x101st Floor Premium/Climate85.00
10x51st Floor Premium/Climate85.00
5x121st Floor Premium/Climate99.00
10x102nd Floor Climate115.00
10x103rd Floor Climate115.00
10x101st Floor Premium/Climate119.00
19x72nd Floor Climate140.00
7x201st Floor Premium/Climate165.00
10x152nd Floor Climate169.00
10x153rd Floor Climate169.00
10x151st Floor Premium/Climate171.00
15x101st Floor Premium/Climate175.00
10x183rd Floor Climate199.00
9x201st Floor Premium/Climate209.00
10x201st Floor Premium/Climate225.00
10x202nd Floor Climate225.00
20x102nd Floor Climate225.00
10x203rd Floor Climate225.00
20x103rd Floor Climate225.00
20x101st Floor Premium/Climate225.00
10x201st Floor Premium/Climate231.00
10x253rd Floor Climate265.00
10x252nd Floor Climate271.00
10x251st Floor Premium/Climate275.00
10x301st Floor Premium/Climate315.00

Stash Self Storage Near Me - 39th & Steele Location

3879 Adams St., Denver, CO 80205