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2255 Champa St., Denver, CO 80205

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5MainFloorPrime ClimateControl25.00
5x3MainFloorPrime ClimateControl30.00
5x3Upper Floor Climate Control34.00
5x4MainFloorPrime ClimateControl34.00
5x4Upper Floor Climate Control34.00
4x5MainFloorPrime ClimateControl40.00
10x2MainFloorPrime ClimateControl40.00
10x4Upper Floor Climate Control44.00
5x5Upper Floor Climate Control51.00
5x7Upper Floor Climate Control51.00
10x5Upper Floor Climate Control57.00
5x8Upper Floor Climate Control58.00
5x5MainFloorPrime ClimateControl65.00
5x10Upper Floor Climate Control75.00
10x5Upper Floor Climate Control75.00
8x5MainFloorPrime ClimateControl81.00
10x4MainFloorPrime ClimateControl81.00
10x7Upper Floor Climate Control83.00
5x7MainFloorPrime ClimateControl85.00
6x15Upper Floor Climate Control96.00
5x9MainFloorPrime ClimateControl99.00
10x8Upper Floor Climate Control103.00
10x9Upper Floor Climate Control105.00
10x10Upper Floor Climate Control119.00
10x11Upper Floor Climate Control119.00
8x15Upper Floor Climate Control126.00
9x15Upper Floor Climate Control141.00
10x15Upper Floor Climate Control149.00
10x20Upper Floor Climate Control205.00
10x30Upper Floor Climate Control319.00

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2255 Champa St., Denver, CO 80205