U Store It - Carlsbad

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304 S. 6th St., Carlsbad, NM 88220

U Store It - Carlsbad Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5Self Storage19.00
5x10Self Storage25.00
5x10Self Storage29.00
5x10Self Storage30.00
10x10Self Storage31.00
5x10Self Storage35.00
5x10Self Storage39.00
5x15Self Storage39.00
5x5Self Storage40.00
5x10Self Storage40.00
5x15Self Storage45.00
5x15Self Storage49.00
10x10Self Storage49.00
5x10Self Storage50.00
5x15Self Storage50.00
10x10Self Storage50.00
10x15Self Storage50.00
10x10Self Storage59.00
5x5Self Storage60.00
5x10Self Storage60.00
5x15Self Storage60.00
10x10Self Storage60.00
10x10Self Storage69.00
5x5Self Storage70.00
5x10Self Storage70.00
5x15Self Storage70.00
10x10Self Storage70.00
10x15Self Storage70.00
5x15Self Storage75.00
10x10Self Storage75.00
10x15Self Storage75.00
5x5Self Storage80.00
5x10Self Storage80.00
10x10Self Storage80.00
10x10Self Storage85.00
10x20Self Storage85.00
10x20Self Storage89.00
5x5Self Storage90.00
5x10Self Storage90.00
5x15Self Storage90.00
10x10Self Storage90.00
10x15Self Storage90.00
10x20Self Storage90.00
10x20Self Storage91.00
10x15Self Storage95.00
10x20Self Storage95.00
5x10Self Storage100.00
5x15Self Storage100.00
10x10Self Storage100.00
10x15Self Storage100.00
10x20Self Storage100.00
10x30Self Storage109.00
5x15Self Storage110.00
10x15Self Storage110.00
10x20Self Storage110.00
5x15Self Storage120.00
10x10Self Storage120.00
10x15Self Storage120.00
10x20Self Storage120.00
10x30Self Storage120.00
10x30Self Storage129.00
5x15Self Storage130.00
10x10Self Storage130.00
10x20Self Storage130.00
10x15Self Storage135.00
10x10Self Storage140.00
10x15Self Storage140.00
10x20Self Storage140.00
10x15Self Storage145.00
10x10Self Storage150.00
10x15Self Storage150.00
10x20Self Storage150.00
10x30Self Storage150.00
10x15Self Storage160.00
10x20Self Storage160.00
10x30Self Storage160.00
10x15Self Storage165.00
10x20Self Storage165.00
10x30Self Storage165.00
10x15Warehouse Unit170.00
10x15Self Storage170.00
10x20Self Storage170.00
10x15Warehouse Unit175.00
10x20Self Storage180.00
10x20Self Storage190.00
10x30Self Storage190.00
10x30Self Storage200.00
10x30Self Storage220.00
10x15Warehouse Unit269.00
20x20Self Storage295.00
20x20Self Storage320.00
10x15Warehouse Unit420.00
10x15Warehouse Unit470.00
10x15Warehouse Unit580.00

U Store It - Carlsbad Location

304 S. 6th St., Carlsbad, NM 88220