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2731 West 4th St. (Main Office), Owensboro, KY 42301

AAA Rent-A-Space Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5EAST- 1812 East 4th St.29.00
5x5WEST-2731 W. 4th St.29.00
4x8SOUTH- 515 Salem Dr.39.00
5x10EAST- 1812 East 4th St.39.00
5x10WEST-2731 W. 4th St.39.00
5x15EAST- 1812 East 4th St.49.00
8x11SOUTH- 515 Salem Dr.59.00
10x10EAST- 1812 East 4th St.69.00
5x10WEST-2731 W. 4th St.70.00
10x15EAST- 1812 East 4th St.79.00
15x15SOUTH- 515 Salem Dr.79.00
10x15WEST-2731 W. 4th St.84.00
10x20EAST- 1812 East 4th St.99.00
10x20WEST-2731 W. 4th St.105.00
10x20EAST- 1812 East 4th St.110.00
12x22SOUTH- 515 Salem Dr.114.00

AAA Rent-A-Space Location

2731 West 4th St. (Main Office), Owensboro, KY 42301