Tonka Self Storage

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2340 Daniels St, Long Lake, MN 55356

Tonka Self Storage Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x6CC - Self Storage39.00
5x10Self Storage49.00
4x11CC - Self Storage53.00
5x10CCC - Self Storage58.00
6x10CC - Self Storage68.00
8x10CC - Self Storage72.00
12x7CC - Self Storage74.00
8x11CC - Self Storage80.00
10x20Open Air Parking117.00
10x14Self Storage148.00
20x9Self Storage156.00
10x20Self Storage178.00
10x24Self Storage188.00

Tonka Self Storage Location

2340 Daniels St, Long Lake, MN 55356