St. Anne's Self Storage

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90 Creek Bend Road, Winnipeg, MB R2N 0G1

St. Anne's Self Storage Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5Self Storage Non CC78.00
5x5St. Anne's CC96.00
5x5Self Storage Non CC96.00
5x10Self Storage Non CC129.00
5x10St. Anne's CC148.00
10x5St. Anne's CC148.00
5x10Self Storage Non CC148.00
5x15St. Anne's CC176.00
5x15Self Storage Non CC176.00
8x10Self Storage Non CC180.00
10x10Self Storage Non CC196.00
10x10St Anne's XL196.00
8.5x8St. Anne's CC205.00
8.5x9St. Anne's CC215.00
9x14Self Storage Non CC215.00
10x10St. Anne's CC225.00
10x15Self Storage Non CC225.00
8x15St. Anne's CC226.00
10x15St Anne's XL235.00
10x20Self Storage Non CC259.00
10x20St Anne's XL269.00
10x15St. Anne's CC279.00
10x15St Anne's XL289.00
10x25St Anne's XL309.00
10x30St Anne's XL345.00
10x20St. Anne's CC370.00
10x20St Anne's XL374.00
10x35St Anne's XL385.00
15x30St Anne's XL495.00
20x15St. Anne's CC600.00

St. Anne's Self Storage Location

90 Creek Bend Road, Winnipeg, MB R2N 0G1