Armor Self Storage

Store Contact Information

808 Katy Rd, Keller, TX 76248
[email protected]

Armor Self Storage Units

  • The selected unit cannot be moved in.
SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x7Self Storage45.00
5x5Self Storage62.00
5x15Self Storage100.00
5x10Self Storage105.00
5x10Self Storage115.00
5x15Self Storage125.00
5x20Self Storage125.00
10x10Self Storage125.00
10x10Self Storage140.00
10x15Self Storage150.00
10x15Self Storage180.00
10x20Self Storage185.00
10x25Self Storage205.00
10x20Self Storage220.00
9x30Self Storage222.00
10x25Self Storage223.00
12x25Self Storage244.00
15x20Self Storage244.00
11x30Self Storage257.00
12x30Self Storage270.00
18x20Self Storage270.00
15x25Self Storage281.00
12x30Self Storage285.00
13x30Self Storage292.00
21x30Self Storage363.00

Armor Self Storage Location

808 Katy Rd, Keller, TX 76248