One Stop Storage

Store Contact Information

157 North Wayfield St, Orange, CA 92867
(714) 288-1002

One Stop Storage Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x53rd Floor50.00
5x52nd Floor65.00
4x102nd Floor85.00
5x103rd Floor85.00
5x51st Floor87.00
4x103rd Floor87.00
5x102nd Floor95.00
14x31st Floor111.00
8x103rd Floor120.00
10x103rd Floor130.00
8x102nd Floor139.00
5x152nd Floor149.00
5x153rd Floor149.00
10x102nd Floor159.00
5x151st Floor160.00
9x102nd Floor177.00
10x152nd Floor210.00
8x152nd Floor224.00
10x122nd Floor224.00
10x123rd Floor224.00
10x153rd Floor231.00
10x151st Floor264.00
10x141st Floor277.00
10x162nd Floor292.00
10x202nd Floor-Conjoined-2 door325.00
10x203rd Floor-Conjoined-2 door325.00
10x202nd Floor349.00
10x203rd Floor349.00
10x25Drive Up399.00

One Stop Storage Location

157 North Wayfield St, Orange, CA 92867