Bison Storage

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2166 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33765

Bison Storage Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
4x5Self Storage Lockers25.00
4x5Self Storage Lockers27.00
4x6Self Storage Lockers36.00
4x6Self Storage Lockers40.00
4x8Self Storage Lockers42.00
4x5Self Storage44.00
5x6Self Storage56.00
4x6A/C 24 Hour Lockers60.00
4x8Self Storage60.00
5x8Self Storage63.00
6x7Self Storage69.00
6x7Roll-Up (4ft.)78.00
6x9Self Storage83.00
7x8Self Storage83.00
5x8A/C 24 Hour90.00
7x8Roll-Up (6ft.)98.00
5x14Self Storage100.00
6x14Self Storage102.00
5.5x15.5Self Storage105.00
7x15Roll-Up (6ft.)137.00
20x5A/C 24 Hour160.00

Bison Storage Location

2166 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33765