Hawai'i Self Storage-Kapolei West

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2009 Lauwiliwili St, Kapolei, HI 96707

Hawai'i Self Storage-Kapolei West Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
5x5Stacked 3ft Tall35.00
5x5D Building 2nd Floor AC Top35.00
3x4Storage 8ft Tall55.00
4x4Storage 8ft Tall77.00
5x4Storage 8ft Tall94.00
5x5Storage 8ft Tall105.00
5x7.5Storage 8ft Tall138.00
5x10Storage 8ft Tall187.00
10x5Storage 8ft Tall187.00
10x7.5Storage 8ft Tall189.00
7x8Mobile Storage200.00
7.5x10Storage 8ft Tall218.00
10x7.5Storage 8ft Tall218.00
10x15Parking Stall229.00
10x10Storage 8ft Tall296.00
10x20Parking Stall300.00
10x15Storage 8ft Tall415.00
10x16Drive Up 8ft Tall516.00
10x20Drive Up 8ft Tall650.00
10x30Drive Up 8ft Tall880.00
10x31Drive Up 8ft Tall924.00
12x30Drive Up 15ft Tall1073.00
14x30Drive Up 15ft Tall1125.00
15x30Drive Up 8ft Tall1200.00
20x20Storage 8ft Tall1210.00
14x30Drive Up 15ft Tall1238.00
12x40Drive Up 15ft Tall1320.00
14x40Drive Up 15ft Tall1420.00
14x40Drive Up 15ft Tall1485.00

Hawai'i Self Storage-Kapolei West Location

2009 Lauwiliwili St, Kapolei, HI 96707