Hawai'i Self Storage-Salt Lake

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808 Ahua St., Honolulu, HI 96819-2029

Hawai'i Self Storage-Salt Lake Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
2x2Drive Up Stacked 4ft Tall34.00
4x3Stacked 4ft Tall50.00
4x4Drive Up 12ft Tall50.00
4x3Stacked 4ft Tall57.00
5x3Stacked 4ft Tall60.00
4x3Stacked 6ft Tall68.00
3x4Stacked 6ft Tall68.00
4x3Stacked 6ft Tall70.00
5x3Stacked 6ft Tall70.00
4x4Stacked 4ft Tall76.00
5x4Stacked 4ft Tall90.00
5x5Stacked 4ft Tall94.00
5x4Stacked 6ft Tall97.00
4x5Stacked 6ft Tall97.00
5x3Storage 8ft Tall100.00
7x3Storage 8ft Tall115.00
4x5Storage 8ft Tall121.00
4x7Stacked 6ft Tall129.00
8x3Storage 8ft Tall144.00
4x6Storage 8ft Tall144.00
6x4Storage 8ft Tall150.00
7x4Storage 8ft Tall154.00
10x3Storage 8ft Tall157.00
6x6Storage 8ft Tall170.00
4x9Storage 8ft Tall170.00
6x5Storage 8ft Tall173.00
5x5Storage 8ft Tall174.00
10x4Drive Up 12ft Tall175.00
8x4Drive Up 12ft Tall176.00
7x5Storage 8ft Tall184.00
4x10Storage 8ft Tall189.00
9x5Storage 8ft Tall192.00
5x6Storage 8ft Tall205.00
10x4Storage 8ft Tall208.00
5x7Storage 8ft Tall210.00
5x8Storage 8ft Tall215.00
8x5Storage 8ft Tall215.00
5x10Storage 8ft Tall225.00
10x5Storage 8ft Tall235.00
7x8Storage 8ft Tall235.00
9x7Storage 8ft Tall235.00
5x13Storage 8ft Tall235.00
5x11Storage 8ft Tall245.00
8x9Storage 8ft Tall245.00
6x10Storage 8ft Tall252.00
10x6Storage 8ft Tall269.00
7x13Storage 8ft Tall269.00
5x19Storage 8ft Tall275.00
6x16Storage 8ft Tall275.00
7x14Storage 8ft Tall280.00
9x10Storage 8ft Tall292.00
7x15Storage 8ft Tall299.00
6x18Storage 8ft Tall299.00
8x21Parking Stall300.00
7x10Storage 8ft Tall310.00
10x7Storage 8ft Tall310.00
5x15Storage 8ft Tall312.00
8x10Storage 8ft Tall320.00
10x8Storage 8ft Tall320.00
8x12Storage 8ft Tall354.00
10x10Storage 8ft Tall360.00
9x12Storage 8ft Tall369.00
10x11Storage 8ft Tall375.00
11x10Storage 8ft Tall375.00
8x14Drive Up 12ft Tall380.00
8x21Parking Stall385.00
7x18Storage 8ft Tall389.00
10x12Storage 8ft Tall409.00
12x10Storage 8ft Tall409.00
8x15Storage 8ft Tall415.00
8x18Storage 8ft Tall415.00
10x13Storage 8ft Tall439.00
10x14Storage 8ft Tall449.00
7x20Storage 8ft Tall455.00
12x13.5Storage 8ft Tall489.00
10x15Storage 8ft Tall527.00
8x19Storage 8ft Tall527.00
10x16Storage 8ft Tall530.00
11x15Storage 8ft Tall534.00
20x10Storage 8ft Tall550.00
9x20Storage 8ft Tall560.00
10x21Storage 8ft Tall561.00
10x19Storage 8ft Tall570.00
11x14Drive Up 12ft Tall580.00
12x14Drive Up 12ft Tall600.00
10x20Drive Up 12ft Tall600.00
8x40Parking Stall600.00
10x20Storage 8ft Tall625.00
8x21Drive Up 12ft Tall660.00
12x20Drive Up 12ft Tall840.00
18x10Drive Up 12ft Tall850.00
14x20Storage 8ft Tall865.00
14x20Storage 8ft Tall910.00
8x40Parking Stall989.00
10x33Storage 8ft Tall1020.00
10x30Drive Up 12ft Tall1050.00
10x30Storage 8ft Tall1054.00
16x19Storage 8ft Tall1054.00
13x21Drive Up 12ft Tall1200.00
21x16Drive Up 12ft Tall1200.00
20x21.5Storage 8ft Tall1250.00
16x21Drive Up 12ft Tall1320.00
18x24Drive Up 12ft Tall1350.00
22x21Drive Up 12ft Tall1450.00
20x25Drive Up 12ft Tall1750.00
24x21Drive Up 12ft Tall1980.00
19x22Drive Up 12ft Tall2100.00
31x21Drive Up 12ft Tall3000.00
23x50Drive Up 12ft Tall4000.00

Hawai'i Self Storage-Salt Lake Location

808 Ahua St., Honolulu, HI 96819-2029