Hawai'i Self Storage-Pearl City

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98-138 Hila Place, Pearl City, HI 96782

Hawai'i Self Storage-Pearl City Units

  • The selected unit cannot be moved in.
SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
3x3Outside Storage50.00
4x4Stacked 4ft Tall50.00
4x4Storage 8ft Tall65.00
5x5Stacked 4ft Tall65.00
5x3Storage 8ft Tall77.00
5x4Storage 8ft Tall80.00
5x5Stacked 5ft Tall80.00
4x4Storage 8ft Tall85.00
5x7Stacked 4ft Tall85.00
5x4Storage 8ft Tall90.00
4x6Storage 8ft Tall94.50
6x4Storage 8ft Tall95.00
6x7Stacked 4ft Tall99.00
4x10Storage 8ft Tall120.25
5x6Storage 8ft Tall125.00
6x6.5Storage 8ft Tall135.00
7x5.5Storage 8ft Tall140.00
7x5Drive Up 8ft Tall150.00
4x9Drive Up 8ft Tall155.00
10x4Storage 8ft Tall155.00
5x8Storage 8ft Tall159.00
7x6Storage 8ft Tall163.00
6x7Storage 8ft Tall163.00
6.5x7Storage 8ft Tall166.00
5x9Storage 8ft Tall173.00
9x6Storage 8ft Tall173.00
5x10Storage 8ft Tall179.00
8x9.6Storage 8ft Tall188.00
11x5Storage 8ft Tall195.00
5x11Storage 8ft Tall195.00
10x6Storage 8ft Tall215.00
6x10Storage 8ft Tall215.00
7x9Storage 8ft Tall220.00
8x8Storage 8ft Tall225.00
6.5x10Storage 8ft Tall230.00
6x14Storage 8ft Tall230.00
11x6Storage 8ft Tall235.00
6x11Storage 8ft Tall235.00
5x14Storage 8ft Tall245.00
7x10Storage 8ft Tall264.00
6x12Storage 8ft Tall265.00
9x8Storage 8ft Tall265.00
8x20Parking Stall265.00
5x15Storage 8ft Tall269.00
7x11Storage 8ft Tall271.00
8x10Storage 8ft Tall274.00
10x8Storage 8ft Tall274.00
7x12Storage 8ft Tall275.00
10x8.5Storage 8ft Tall276.00
8.5x10Storage 8ft Tall276.00
5x17Storage 8ft Tall276.00
6x14.5Storage 8ft Tall277.00
6x14.7Storage 8ft Tall277.00
5x18Storage 8ft Tall278.00
8x12Storage 8ft Tall279.00
12x8Storage 8ft Tall279.00
10x10Storage 8ft Tall280.00
12x8.5Storage 8ft Tall285.00
8.5x12Storage 8ft Tall285.00
6x17Storage 8ft Tall285.00
8x13Storage 8ft Tall290.00
15x7Storage 8ft Tall295.00
5x19Storage 8ft Tall299.00
8x9Drive Up 8ft Tall300.00
10x10.8Storage 8ft Tall300.00
8x30Parking Stall300.00
11x10Storage 8ft Tall315.00
10x11Storage 8ft Tall315.00
7x16Storage 8ft Tall320.00
9x12.6Storage 8ft Tall325.00
6x19Storage 8ft Tall327.00
10x11.5Storage 8ft Tall330.00
6x19.5Storage 8ft Tall340.00
10x12Storage 8ft Tall350.00
12x10Storage 8ft Tall350.00
8x15Storage 8ft Tall350.00
9x13.5Storage 8ft Tall355.00
12x10.2Storage 8ft Tall360.00
10x13Storage 8ft Tall375.00
10x13.5Storage 8ft Tall380.00
9x15Storage 8ft Tall380.00
10x14.8Storage 8ft Tall390.00
15x10Storage 8ft Tall392.00
9x17Storage 8ft Tall400.00
12x8Drive Up 8ft Tall425.00
12x9Drive Up 8ft Tall446.00
8x20Storage 8ft Tall450.00
10x16Storage 8ft Tall455.00
8x16Drive Up 8ft Tall464.00
10x17.2Storage 8ft Tall489.00
10x17.5Storage 8ft Tall489.00
11x16Storage 8ft Tall525.00
15x12Storage 8ft Tall550.00
10x18Storage 8ft Tall550.00
10x18Storage 8ft Tall570.00
10x19Storage 8ft Tall570.00
19x10.2Storage 8ft Tall575.00
10x20Storage 8ft Tall599.00
13x16Storage 8ft Tall625.00
14x15Storage 8ft Tall635.00
10x23.5Storage 8ft Tall650.00
16x17Storage 8ft Tall825.00
32x10Storage 8ft Tall1050.00
10x32Storage 8ft Tall1050.00
20x20Storage 8ft Tall1120.00
26x19Storage 8ft Tall1250.00
10x48Drive Up 8ft Tall1638.05
16x26.3Drive Up 8ft Tall1684.00
34x32Storage 8ft Tall2500.00

Hawai'i Self Storage-Pearl City Location

98-138 Hila Place, Pearl City, HI 96782