Hawai'i Self Storage-Kaimuki

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2909 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96826

Hawai'i Self Storage-Kaimuki Units

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SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
4x4Stacked 4ft Tall87.00
4x4Stacked 5ft Tall88.00
5x4Stacked 4ft Tall99.00
5x5Stacked 4ft Tall103.00
3x3Storage 10ft Tall107.00
5x4Stacked 6ft Tall115.00
5x5Stacked 6ft Tall127.00
5x4Storage 10ft Tall140.00
4x5Storage 10ft Tall140.00
7x4Storage 10ft Tall164.00
10x6Storage 10ft Tall180.00
5x7Storage 10ft Tall185.00
7x5Storage 10ft Tall185.00
5x5Storage 10ft Tall186.00
9x4Storage 10ft Tall188.00
6x6Storage 10ft Tall188.00
6x5Storage 10ft Tall197.00
5x6Storage 10ft Tall197.00
9x5Storage 10ft Tall199.00
8x5Storage 10ft Tall200.00
4x10Storage 10ft Tall200.00
10x5Storage 10ft Tall209.00
4x11Storage 10ft Tall212.00
5x11Storage 10ft Tall219.00
5x8Storage 10ft Tall220.00
6x9Storage 10ft Tall238.00
7x8Mobile Storage250.00
10x6Storage 10ft Tall250.00
7x9Storage 10ft Tall256.00
9x7Storage 10ft Tall256.00
5x10Storage 10ft Tall260.00
12x6Storage 10ft Tall274.00
9x8Storage 10ft Tall274.00
8x9Storage 10ft Tall274.00
10x7Storage 10ft Tall279.00
15x5Storage 10ft Tall280.00
7x11Storage 10ft Tall284.00
11x7Storage 10ft Tall284.00
9x9Storage 10ft Tall292.00
8x10.5Storage 10ft Tall298.00
9x9Storage 10ft Tall300.00
8x18Parking Stall300.00
11x8Storage 10ft Tall306.00
7x10Storage 10ft Tall307.00
13x7Storage 10ft Tall312.00
8x10Storage 10ft Tall319.00
10x8Storage 10ft Tall319.00
9x10Storage 10ft Tall320.00
8x11Storage 10ft Tall337.00
8x13Storage 10ft Tall342.00
11x9Storage 10ft Tall345.00
8x18Parking Stall363.00
14x8Storage 10ft Tall366.00
10x9Storage 10ft Tall370.00
11x10Storage 10ft Tall380.00
15x8Storage 10ft Tall390.00
14x10Storage 10ft Tall399.00
10x14Storage 10ft Tall399.00
9x14Storage 10ft Tall408.00
10x10Storage 10ft Tall416.00
10x11Storage 10ft Tall418.00
12x12Storage 10ft Tall462.00
11x13Drive Up 8ft Tall464.00
13x11Storage 10ft Tall489.00
10x16Storage 10ft Tall540.00
9x20Storage 10ft Tall540.00
10x14Storage 10ft Tall560.00
15x11Storage 10ft Tall579.00
10x15Storage 10ft Tall589.00
10x17Storage 10ft Tall594.00
14x14Storage 10ft Tall600.00
10x15Storage 10ft Tall610.00
15x14Storage 10ft Tall615.00
15x15Storage 10ft Tall630.00
10x19Storage 10ft Tall638.00
17x14Storage 10ft Tall656.00
17x14Storage 10ft Tall686.00
16x13Storage 10ft Tall687.00
10x20Storage 10ft Tall693.00
14x19Storage 10ft Tall712.00
17x15Storage 10ft Tall720.00
16x17Storage 10ft Tall725.00
20x14Storage 10ft Tall740.00
10x24Storage 10ft Tall792.00
10x30Drive Up 8ft Tall800.00
16x15Storage 10ft Tall915.00
21x21.5Drive Up 8ft Tall1000.00
21x33Drive Up 8ft Tall2394.00
37x33Drive Up 8ft Tall4000.00

Hawai'i Self Storage-Kaimuki Location

2909 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96826