Fairfield Mini Storage or North Court Storage

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P.O. Box 1010, Lancaster, OH 43130
[email protected]

Fairfield Mini Storage or North Court Storage Units

    SizeDescriptionMonthly RateSelect
    5x10Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast60.00
    5x10Fairfield Mini/Rt 37/Lancaster60.00
    5x10Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast65.00
    5x10North Court/ Circleville65.00
    5x10Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast75.00
    5x10North Court/ Circleville75.00
    5x10North Court/ Circleville85.00
    10x10Fairfield Mini/Rt 37/Lancaster120.00
    10x10Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast125.00
    10x10North Court/ Circleville130.00
    10x10Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast135.00
    10x12Fairfield Xtra Tall and Wide135.00
    12x10Fairfield Xtra Tall and Wide135.00
    10x10North Court/ Circleville140.00
    10x15Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast145.00
    10x15Fairfield Mini/Rt 37/Lancaster145.00
    10x15North Court/ Circleville145.00
    10x15Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast150.00
    10x20Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast160.00
    10x20Fairfield Mini/Rt 37/Lancaster160.00
    12x15Fairfield Xtra Tall and Wide170.00
    10x25Fairfield Mini/Rt 37/Lancaster180.00
    10x20North Court/ Circleville185.00
    10x25Fairfield Mini/Main St/Lancast190.00
    10x20North Court/ Circleville195.00
    10x25North Court/ Circleville200.00
    12x25Fairfield Xtra Tall and Wide200.00
    10x30North Court/ Circleville240.00
    12x30Fairfield Xtra Tall and Wide240.00
    12x30Fairfield Jumbo 12x30240.00

    Fairfield Mini Storage or North Court Storage Location

    P.O. Box 1010, Lancaster, OH 43130